Dubai is famous for many things, but its vibrant nightlife is among one of them. You will witness a different Dubai in the night when all the youngsters get on the streets and partying in the clubs on the weekends. The city hosts some very famous club nights with the most popular DJs in the world. There are a lot of bars in Dubai, but most of them are present in hotels, and near to opulent villas of Dubai like District One Villas Dubai and Dubai creek Villas. The people attending the night parties in the clubs are mostly the mix of easter and western people. The clubs are mostly full on Thursday and Friday, as the weekend in the middle east is on Friday and Saturday, so Thursday night is considered as the first weekend’s night.  Some clubs offer a ladies night in the bar, and that is mostly on Tuesday when ladies are allowed to visit the bar for free and often offered with free drinks. It was free previously but from the last few years, as the demand of these clubs has increased, you are expected to pay cover charges of at least AED 200.

The party wear can be seen in the clubs at the late-night, though, you will not witness such dresses at the day in the city. The more premiere clubs have hired some best professional bouncers who are ordered to let in the best-dressed people, as many of the clubs don’t allow the people dressed casually in jeans, t-shirt, and flip-flops. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21, and you can not drink if you are below that age. The clubs follow these rules very strictly. For the tourists and visitors, they can show their passports instead of the ID, and locals must show their ID or driving license. In some clubs, the security is ordered to let in the people with the age above 25 years, so you should check all these before going out in a nightclub. The tolerance for drinking is zero in the whole Middle East, so if you are below 21 and planning to drink, then you should take a cab and go back to home as it is not going to happen, also not if you are caught driving while drunk then you are most probably going to visit the jail as they are strict about their policies on drinking.

The timings of clubs are mostly from 10 a.m to 3 a.m.

So if you are on the visit in Dubai and fits on the criteria explained above, then here are some best clubs in Dubai you should visit

CLUB 360

Club 360 is giving real competition to the clubs of Dubai, decorated on the rooftop with only one kilometre away from the Arabian Gulf. The unique club of this city offers a beautiful view of the ocean and the Burj Al Arab. It is more popular among the people who like a more sophisticated environment in the clubs, like elegant parties. Offering some good music with internationally famous DJ’s. It is always full on the weekends so be sure to be on time, if you are wanting to enjoy the night in Club 360.


This is one of those casual clubs in Dubai, so if you want to party without the struggle of dressing up, then we will recommend you to go to the Barasti, as it is the perfect location for the ones who find it hard to dress up. The Barasti has the two levels offering different views, on the one side the beautiful Arabian Sea and the other those beautiful skyscrapers of Dubai. The ground floor is for the ones who like classical parties and songs while on the other level those energetic songs are played to rock and roll. The dressing is totally up to you whether to wear shoes or flip-flops.

The city of Dubai has amazing nightlife and for the people who love parties must visit this city to enjoy the scenes at night. The people living in the luxurious areas of the city like Port De La Mer Dubai and Emirates Hills have some elegant clubs near their areas while away from them you will also find those casual clubs, it is totally up to you mood where you want to go